Virginia  Fleck

New York City, New York
School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA
Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art), Portland, ME
Juror’s Award, Texas Biennial, Austin, TX
Artist fellowship/residency and show at Espacio Aglutinador, Havana, Cuba, Sponsored By Gallery 106, Austin, TX
Artist in Residence, Stone Quarry Hill Sculpture Park, Cazenovia, NY
Residency, Lubbock Fine Arts Center, Lubbock, TX
Grant and residency for large-scale temporary installation, Connemara Conservancy, Dallas, TX
Temporary Public Art Grant, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA
Mandala Trio, for the US Embassy in Rwanda, commissioned by the US Government
Mandala Constellation, A grouping of mandalas installed above the foyer entrance of the Dell Children’s Hospital, Austin, TX
The Spin Cycle, Three 5’-diameter light boxes for Whole Foods World Headquarters Plaza, Austin, TX. Commissioned by Schlosser Development
Laguna Gyre, Temporary installation of a 70 ft mandala made from 6000+ plastic bags located on the grounds of the Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, TX. Commissioned by Austin Green Art
Lamina Groove, Large-scale 5 panel relief sculpture for Deep Eddy EMS station, Austin, TX. Commissioned by Austin Art in Public Places.
Art Forum Berlin, Finesilver Art Gallery, Art Fair, Berlin, Germany
New Work, Finesilver Gallery, Houston, TX
Dreaming my Dreams, Espacio Aglutinador, Havana, Cuba
New Work, Women and Their Work Gallery, Austin, TX
Virginia Fleck – New Work, Rudolph Poissant Gallery, Houston, TX
Femme Fatale, Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas, TX
The Texas Chair Project, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX
Going Green, Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA
Field of Color, Art Museum of South Texas, curated by Debra Fullerton
Modern Art Modern Lives, then and now, Austin Museum of Art, curated by Dana Friis Hansen, Executive Director and chief curator
Don’t Mess With Texas, Nathan Larramendy Gallery Ojai, CA. An exhibition featuring the work of 7 Texas-based female artists
Selections from the Texas Biennial, Blue Star Art Space, San Antonio, TX
Arte Fiera, Finesilver Gallery, Art Fair, Bologna, Italy
Texas Biennial, juror’s award, Austin, TX
Portland Museum of Art Biennial, Portland, ME
Wordplay, Scanlan Gallery, Austin, TX
Pulse New York, Finesilver Gallery, Art Fair, New York, NY
New and Used, Bradbury Gallery, Jonesboro, AR
Pulse New York, Finesilver Gallery, Art Fair, New York, NY
Pulse Miami, Finesilver Gallery, Art Fair, New York, NY
Pulse Miami, Finesilver Gallery, Art Fair, Miami, FL
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, TX
Austin Green Wave, Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria, Austin, TX
Color, Pattern, Grid: Austin Collects, Austin Museum of Art, Austin, TX
Figure Ground, Poissant Gallery, Houston, TX
Winter Exhibition, dberman Gallery, Austin, TX
Critical Mass, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX
Virginia Fleck and Daphane Park: New Work, dberman Gallery, Austin, TX
The Spectacle of Tom Foolery and Cognitive Discourse, Group Show, The International Center Contemporary Arts Month, San Antonio, TX
Virginia Fleck and Malcom Bucknell, D Berman Gallery, Austin, TX
Contemporary Outdoor Sculpture in Meditation Park, Beeville Art Museum, group show curated by Michael Manjarris, Beeville, TX
Sculpture 2000, The Allen Center, selected central Texas artists, curated by Jim Edwards of Weil Gallery, Houston, TX
Art Ball IV, one of ten artists selected by the Austin Museum of Art for annual Fundraiser, Austin, TX
Gallery Artists, Rudolph Poissant Gallery, Houston, TX
Breaking New Ground, Irving Art Center, curated by Marcie Inman, director Irving  Arts Center, Irving, TX
Ground Swell: the artist and the earth, Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria, Austin, TX
Art Works 99, Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, TX
Critics Choice, Dallas Visual Art Center, group show juried by Elizabeth Ferrer, Director Austin Museum of Art, and Stephen Vollmer, curator El Paso Museum of Art, Dallas, TX
The Visceral Intellect, Women & Their Work Gallery, juried by Sue Graze, senior curator, Miami Art Museum, Miami, FL
Recent Work, Slover McCutcheon Gallery, 2-person exhibit, Houston, TX
14th Annual Sculpture Exhibition, Connemara Conservancy, Grant for large-scale outdoor installation, Dallas, TX
Compelling Spaces: Site-Specific Works, Austin Museum of Art at Laguna Gloria, curated by Mark Lesly Smith, Ph.D., Austin, TX
Pinball Artcade, Mills Gallery, a project of the Revolving Museum, invitational, Boston, MA
Memory and Desire: The Window, Texas Fine Arts Association invitational, Austin, TX
Self Possessed, Laguna Gloria Art Museum, exhibition organized by the Texas Fine Arts Association, juried by Lynn Zelevansky of MOMA, Austin, TX
Dell Children’s Hospital, TX
Gray Cary Law Firm, TX
Marino Golinelli Collection, Bologna, Italy
Nicholls Wine Company, CT
US Embassy, Rwanda
Schlosser Development
Whole Foods
Women’s International News Gathering Service, TX
Ellen and David Berman, TX
Mike Chesser, TX
Katelena and James Cowles
Philip & Rebecca Hudson, TX
Johnna and Stephen Jones, TX
Fran Magee, TX
Chris Mattson, TX
Vic and Mary Lynn McNallie, NM
Guillermo Nicolas, TX
Anne Elizabeth Wynn, TX
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