James Lumsden


James Lumsden Biography

James Lumsden’s paintings reveal its own rhythms and movement, which are evoked by the light, color and atmosphere of the piece, created through Lumsden’s process. Lumsden began to explore the use of acrylic paint and gloss medium, and began to build contrasting layers of translucent paint. Each layer is dragged, pulled or squeegeed with various implements – the process being repeated, layer upon layer until the final painting begins to emerge. The final product reveals the varying and contrasting colors and under-layers, which can be seen through the translucence, pentimenti, and depth of the work. In this way the viewer can trace the history of making through veiled nuances.

Lumsden has exhibited in solo and group shows in New York, London, Edinburgh, Inverness, Canada, and Denmark. Lumsden’s career has been recognized with various awards, and his work is included in many collections around the world including the Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh; Mastercard International, London; Aalborg Kommune, Denmark; Paintings in Hospitals Scotland; and the Gulbenkian Foundation, London. James Lumsden currently lives and works in Edinburgh.