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REVIEW: Margo Sawyer in Glasstire

October 1, 2005 - Charissa Terranova

Margo Sawyer's hanging web of colored tubes makes play-space just out of reach...

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PRESS RELEASE: Margo Sawyer - Cloud of Unknowing

September 17, 2005

Holly Johnson Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Margo Sawyer - Cloud of Unknowing, a new installation in two parts...

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REVIEW: William Betts in Artlies Magazine

September 1, 2005 - Charissa Terranova

By now, we should all be hip to the idea that perception is not a priori...

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REVIEW: William Betts in Dallas Morning News

August 12, 2005 - Mike Daniel

The paintings of William Betts are perfect examples of how technology and art can converge...

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PRESS RELEASE: William Betts - Sliver of Clarity

July 22, 2005

Holly Johnson Gallery is pleased to present Sliver of Clarity...

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REVIEW: Glasstire 2005 - Terry Allen at Holly Johnson Gallery

July 17, 2005 - Maria Sheets

Allen offered up a group of possibly over 100 sketchbook studies of which owner Johnson managed to highlight 16 staggered behind 7 realized bronze sculptures classically placed atop old school styled art pedestals made by partner Jim Martin.

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PRESS RELEASE: Kim Squaglia in POPulence

June 25, 2005 - David Pagel for the Blaffer Gallery

Blaffer Gallery has invited noted Los Angeles critic and curator David Pagel to organize POPulence, an exhibition focusing on the intersection between populism and opulance - or accessabilty and luxury...

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PRESS RELEASE: Terry Allen: Early Bronzes and Sketchbook Studies

June 17, 2005 - Holly Johnson Gallery

Terry Allen is an exceptionally gifted artist whose original voice expresses complex ideas. His legendary story-telling ability is the key to his creative productivity, and the underlying narratives give form to drawn images in the series of sketchbook studies and the cast bronze sculptures on exhibit.

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REVIEW: Casey Williams in the Dallas Observer

June 2, 2005 - Charissa Terranova

Capsule Reviews: Our critics survey the local art scene...

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REVIEW: Virgil Grotfeldt in ARTLIES

June 1, 2005 - Ileana Marcoulesco

Remains of the Hand is a poetic if cryptic title...

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